Assistance system Weasl to supports workers

Use of a worker assistance system to provide information

A worker assistance system supports workers to complete tasks correctly and tap into the potential of digitization. At the heart of such digital assistance systems is a software solution that displays all the required information of the work steps while documenting the entire process.  

Therefor, preparation time can be reduced and digitally recorded, documentation effort is reduced and training is simplified. These systems provide the basis for process optimization, quality management, employee support for infrequent or flexible tasks or for routine tasks, e.g. recording relevant data, reporting and recording errors, training new employees - the ideal basis for standardized work instructions from batch size 1 to complex task areas. This gives it a clear advantage over hardware-bound pick-by-light systems (or pick-by-voice, pick-by-scan or pick-by-vision). The purely software-operated system can be used more flexibly and independently of the workstation, especially in modern, variant-rich production, but can be connected to the desired hardware via appropriate interfaces. 

The worker assistance system only requires a commercially available PC with web connection and corresponding smart devices for the employees. 

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