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How Cobots make my day-to-day work easier

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Exhausting, monotone and repetitive work can decrease the motivation in everyday life. These kinds of works can be done easily by a so-called collaborative robot or “Cobot”. The evnvironment, dirty, loud or else doesn´t bother the cobot. It is working together with a corresponding employee.  The human prepares certain work steps for the colleague robot, which then carries out the pre-programmed work assigned to it. This reduces the workload of the corresponding employee, giving him or her more time for more complex as well as artistic activities.

Here we show our demonstrator using a Cobot form the danish company „Universal Robots“ to show exemplary the quality control of a production line.

The Cobot needs a short training period, is simply operated and there is no programming knowledge required. The appropriate training is carried out by means of a touch panel or touch pen.

Another advantage is its compact size. Unlike industrial robots, the cobot does not require a closed-off area in the form of a cage to prevent human injury. Not only does the cobot have a rounded and edge-free appearance, but it is also equipped with various sensors that enable it to detect and react to resistance within its range of motion; up to and including an emergency stop so that any trapped limbs are not damaged.

In addition, the cobot is also much less expensive than a standard industrial robot. A variety of different types of cobots, which can lift different maximum weights, as well as a wide range of gripping tools, round off the functionality of the cobot.

Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Cobot, robot

Where can you access this demonstrator?
The demonstrator can be tested directly at the company and be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. This way, companies see directly the benefits of digitization in a low-threshold way and train their employees on modern technologies.

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