KILEAN - Learning and Applying Artificial Intelligence

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Bastian Prell, M. Sc.
Technische Hochschule Wildau
+49 (0) 3375 508 439

KILEAN is a teaching and transfer system

For the understanding and development of AI-based applications, suitable, complex application scenarios are required with which development and testing can be carried out.

KILEAN provides as a teaching and transfer complex value creation process, prepares foreseeable trends for teaching, research and transfer and creates a corresponding teaching platform.

This practical presentation of Ki-based applications in a modern production environment enables the sustainable and long-term education and training of tomorrow's skilled workers. KILEAN plays a central role in the interdisciplinary training of AI specialists and strengthens cross-system AI application competencies.

Topics include autonomous driving, image processing, process optimization (initial logistics, operational production, marketing or sales) and human-machine interaction, which examples can be tested. The system shows various sensor systems, product variations such as different coloured containers, variations of the bulk material such as corn, millet, balls alias tablets, individual components (cubes in different colours and shapes); packaging including cardboard boxes to be folded, labelling and storage in small load carriers for shipment of the products from incoming orders via product merging, heat treatment, quality assurance and delivery.

In addition, AI use cases in the areas of infrastructure, human resources and technology development can be used. A test platform for the application of data-driven methods, such as from the field of deep learning, machine learning or even for expert systems is made possible by a smart AI infrastructure. For self-sufficient operation, various driverless transport systems support the transport of the components between the individual systems. The modular design allows different work plan sequences as well as location changes for further experimentation and processing installationen.

Using the example of the system, a production plant for processing bulk materials is depicted, which is equipped with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a web shop and energy measuring boxes. Based on the open source approach and open interfaces and communication protocols such as OPC-UA, Node-Red, MQTT as well as various databases a wide variety of approaches for data processing, for example for AI applications, can be picked up or tapped into. With its 18 stations, the system itself represents an extensive and complex development environment and thus represents the scope of a classic company by means of matrix production.

Kilean systems mediate operation of systems during commissioning, defects or for regular maintenance, servicing and assembly processes. Fear of contact with such complex systems can thus be reduced. In addition, the system also records long-term data sets for new AI applications, so that future synergies can be created and worked out.

Technologies: artificial intelligence, autonomous driverless vehicles, machine learning, forced learning, digital partnerships, visualization of process data, RFID, robotics.

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Hub Wildau. At the Technical University Wildau
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