High-performance computing system for the development, testing and application of artificial intelligence

Bastian Prell, M. Sc.
Technische Hochschule Wildau
+49 (0) 3375 508 439

Demonstrator for testing AI applications and other software applications that require high computer capacities.

Modern production systems are characterized more and more by intelligent networking of machines and processes through the use of information and communication technologies,  to be able to keep up in the changing competitive environment. With increasing vehemence, artificial intelligence is developing fast, opening up new business branches and finding its way into existing branches of business, but also needs a larger hardware set-up and training.

This computing power in the form of server hardware is available at the Wildau site to enable you to get started with AI.

Artificial intelligence allows machines to have a certain degree of autonomy. If machines can make decisions themselves, the more complex tasks can be mastered without the use of humans. Just like humans, artificial intelligence is only as good as its training. However, the training of an artificial intelligence requires large data sets, which accordingly require computing power. 

Where can you access this demonstrator?
Hub Wildau. At the University of Applied Sciences Wildau
Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau; Hochschulring 1; 15745 Wildau