CNC Milling Machine

Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Carsten Heintze
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
+49 355 69 2643

Computer aided manufacturing technology

A CNC milling machine can perform complex tasks in the shortest possible time. With its help, metal and wood workpieces can be manufactured economically, precisely, quickly and always with the same quality. Especially in metal and wood processing, these features are of great demand to enable the manufacturing and completion of products. 

Due to the four-axis technology of a CNC milling machine, time-consuming and accurate adjustment and reclamping work is no longer necessary. The workpiece only needs to be calibrated once per workpiece, and predefined and programmed steps enable fast production changes. Different milling and drilling heads can be changed automatically and the machine can also mill, engrave, cut and drill. 

Thanks to the automatic tool change, different milling and drilling heads can be used quickly and precisely in one production step. This multitool is primarily used in woodworking and metalworking companies to quickly and precisely manufacture various products. 

Where can you access this demonstrator?
Hub Cottbus. At the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg; Siemens-Halske-Ring 14; 03046 Cottbus

Hub Wildau. At the University of Applied Sciences Wildau
Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau; Hochschulring 1; 15745 Wildau