Mastering Generative Pre-trained Transformers for text generation

Improve your text generation skills and learn to write great prompts

Beginner | 1 hour | 2 modules | Financed by EU | Theory + practice

Transform your text generation skills with our Mastering Generative Pre-trained Transformers workshop. Led by experts in the field, this workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) and best practices for using them effectively for text generation. 
Through interactive sessions, practice exercises, and a comprehensive cheat sheet, participants will learn tips and tricks for maximizing the potential of GPT, especially writing great prompts. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from the workshop trainers and other participants, and will be provided with resources and supporting materials to continue their learning and development beyond the workshop. 
Don't miss this chance to improve your text generation skills and learn from our research and experiences. Register now for our Mastering Generative Pre-trained Transformers workshop and take your text generation skills to the next level.


Demonstration of the use 
Workshop trainers will provide examples of successful prompts for various applications. 

Hands-on activity 
Participants will work in small groups to practice using GPT models to generate text, with guidance and support from workshop trainers. 

What you will learn

Best practices for using GPT effectively
Writing excellent prompts
Prompting strategies

Contact person

Simon Wilbers
Technische Hochschule Wildau / iC3
+49 (0) 3375 508428