Digital knowledge management for your day-to-day business

Basics, Methods and Best Practices

Beginner | 2 hours | 3 modules | Co-funded by the EU | Theory + Practice

Digitalization has opened up new horizons for companies, especially in the field of knowledge management. In this training you will acquire targeted expertise and learn methods and tools to apply digital processes for your company. You and your employees will achive decisive competitive advantages and stay up to date with the latest technology.


Module 1 
- Introduction to knowledge management; what it is for and why it is needed; challenges and opportunities

Module 2
- Analysis of the initial situation: where are knowledge sources? How do they become available?
- Modeling and identification of data breaks

Module 3
- Practical exercises to reflect on your own handling of knowledge in the company

Building upon this: 
- Next steps (first steps in the event, further steps from follow-up work communicated afterwards)

Target group: especially SMEs that have so far had no or only limited contact with the topic of knowledge management

What you will learn

Introduction to the basic concepts
Methods of knowledge management
Analysis of one's own status quo
Overview of common tools incl. advantages and disadvantages
Best Practices and Case Studies of Successful Knowledge Management Introductions
3 - 15 participants or by arrangement

Contact person

Bastian Prell, M. Sc.
Technische Hochschule Wildau
+49 (0) 3375 508 439