Digital Assistant with AR

Introduction to digital assistant with augmented reality

Beginner | 2 hours | 1 module | Financed by EU | Theory + practice

In this training you will learn how to develop simple AR apps with freely available software. No programming knowledge is necessary. The different methods and their applicability are discussed.


What AR can be used for
What types of recognition can be used
Which method is the most appropriate

What skills are needed
What hardware and software can be used
What needs to be considered when setting up

Creating your own AR app
Workflow from CAD model to AR app

What you will learn

How is AR used today?
What do I need to develop AR applications?
Which skills do I need?
How can I create my own apps?
How to use AR in your business?

Contact person

Jürgen Selka
BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg
+49 (0) 355 69 3236