KI Country Outing Brandenburg

When: September 25 to September 29, 2023.

Where: Various venues, program is here: Landpartie

The Brandenburg AI Ecosystem organizes events at various locations in Brandenburg with interesting shows, workshops and panels

"The Brandenburg AI Ecosystem is organizing the first Brandenburg AI Landpartie in the fall of 2023 to present the potential and special features of the state, its AI actors and the ecosystem to a broad public. The goal is to raise public awareness of the importance of AI for the modernization of industry and administration and to build trust in AI. The format of the Landpartie is chosen, on the one hand, to deliberately accentuate the rural facets of the Flächenland Brandenburg. On the other hand, Brandenburg shows with the KI Landpartie its innovative potential with its diverse regions as well as companies and research institutions that use and advance AI in the most diverse application areas and technology fields. The event is intended to set powerful impulses for the exchange between AI stakeholders as well as (potential) users and the general public.

We will conduct the event in a hybrid fashion."