Info Day: Future Logistics

When: August 30st, 2023 10 am to 4 pm

Where: Lok21, Room B1-24, Opp:Lab

THWildau, Hochschulring 1, 15745 Wildau

On August 30st, the Spreeland Center invites you to the Info Day "Logistics of the Future" on the campus of the Wildau University of Applied Sciences. In workshops and live demonstrations, the university will showcase its teaching and transfer know-how in the field of logistics, digitalization, automation and AI and open its doors to all interested parties.

- 10 - 12 am: Presentation of the teaching & research facility KILEAN (Artificial Intelligence Learning and Application) & the workshop on AI applications in logistics with demonstrator demonstration (Can you palletize better than AI?).
To register: https://t1p.de/ufh14

- 1 - 2 pm: Workshop on assistance systems in logistics (innovative technologies to increase efficiency & make everyday life more pleasant for users)
To register: https://t1p.de/dazxi

- 2 - 4 pm: Guided tour through the intralogistics laboratory of the Wildau University of Applied Sciences (practical insight into the latest industrial technologies) & presentation of the demonstrator "Mobile Pick Secure".
To registration: https://t1p.de/yb1pm