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In a world where the startup landscape is steadily becoming more complex and dynamic, traditional management tools are often no longer sufficient. Universities are faced with the challenge of not only supporting start-ups, but also effectively tracking their developments and clearly communicating their potential. This tool also supports universities in fulfilling their role as a catalystfor innovation and entrepreneurship and can thus make a significant contribution to improving the startup culture at academic institutions.

The platform also offers entrepreneurs, especially start-ups, as well as InnovationScouts, access to innovative topics and projects. Projects can, with regard to their progress,ritts and potentials.

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ViNN:Lab Workshops April

"The ViNN:Lab as makerspace is a prototyping- and creative lab of the TH Wildau. We love to help people create (almost) anything. As a part of the FAB LAB Community and Open Workplace Network we strive to provide you with the right technology and training to skyrocket your idea. The ViNN:Lab is a project of the Research Group for Innovation and Regional Development of TH Wildau. It deals with the main research areas of Strategic Foresight, Innovation and Regional Development and Innovation Processes."

Cybersecurity - The Digital Safe

In this webinar, we not only want to give you a basic overview of Internet security, opportunities and dangers, but also present concrete application examples and emergency plans.

With our partners from EDIH SH, MDZ Spreeland, EDIH DIBI, Daisec we will present you 90 interesting minutes!


09:50 - Enter | Technical start
10:00 - Welcome by Mr. Heintze/Presentation EDIHs
10:05 - Introduction Cybersecurity Mr. Prof. Langendörfer (EDIH pro_digital)
10:20 - Mr. Dr. Couronne – Emergency Prevention (EDIH DIBI | Bayern Innovativ)
10:35 - Mr. Gellersen – Physical Security (EDIH SH)
10:50 – Niklas Busch - AI: New Opportunities and New Dangers (Daisec) 

11:05 - It Safety in Industrial Facilities (MDZ Spreeland)
11:20 - Questions and wrap-up
11:30 - End

Conference: The German-Polish border area: "Economic cooperation between vision and reality

The focus is on the Eurostadt Guben - Gubin and the twin city of Frankfurt (Oder) – Słubice, which were examined and compared by Daniel Sadecki. His results are rated as highly topical, with a high practical benefit and an unusually high degree of novelty.

New: Knowledge Management course is coming soon

Together we develop an innovative knowledge management strategy for your company. Use digital tools to capture, organize, and share knowledge. Discuss with your group the benefits of digitization and how it can increase efficiency and collaboration.


Digital knowledge management for your day-to-day business

Basics, Methods and Best Practices

Beginner | 2 hours | 3 modules | Co-funded by the EU | Theory @practice


What you will learn

xTEF 2024 open for business

The four European test and experimental facilities xTEF will be presented in Berlin, Germany, with lectures, presentations and time for networking. Come and join and find your ideal partner!

Participate in the "All TEFs Open for Business" event and meet our speaker DR. Ron van de Sand, who will present the EDIH network and our demonstration facilities in Brandenburg.

With top-class speakers such as:

- Franziska Giffey, Senator for Economics (Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises), Berlin, Germany;

Lucilla Sioli, Director “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry”, Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content & Technology, #EC.
-  Katharina von Knop, VDE, Germany – presenting “The AI Trust Label”
Tobias Schaeffter, PTB, Germany – discussing “Standards for trustworthy AI”

The speakers will dive into questions of AI capabilities and market reach with data spaces, how TEFs support SMEs and their service providers will showcase their offerings.

TEFs are specialized large-scale reference sites which help innovative technology providers bring their product from lab to market. They are funded by the European Commission and national member states with ca. €60 million each. Four TEFs started on January 1st, 2023, covering different sectors:
🔘 Healthcare: TEF-Health
🔘 Agri-Food: agrifoodTEF
🔘 Manufacturing: AI-MATTERS
🔘 Smart Cities & Communities:

More information here on the page of the EU Commission

21st International Conference on Smart Technologies STE2024

The 21st International Conference on Smart Technologies (STE) is the successor of the REV Conferences and the annual conference of the International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE) together with the Edunet World Association (EWA) and the International Education Network (EduNet).

A further objective of the conference is to discuss guidelines and new concepts for engineering education at universities and vocational training institutions, including new technologies for learning, such as: online and virtual laboratories, MOOCs and open Learning resources. STE 2024 offers an exciting technical program as well as networking opportunities.
The EduNet Forum will take place during the conference. It offers presentations organized by Phoenix Contact as well as workshops for the industry.

•    Internet of Things & Industrial Internet of Things
•    Cyber-Physical Systems and Industry 4.0
•    Smart Objects & Smart Services
•    Cyber Security & Artifical Intelligence
•    Cross Realiy
•    Open Science

Artificial intelligence in everyday life, in industry and in research

The Spremberg presence centre, together with the Spremberg volunteer agency, invites you to an inspiring and informative evening in the world of artificial intelligence in the Contact Café of People's Solidarity on 23 February 2024 at 5 pm.
Martin Lautsch, Research Associate of the EDIH pro_digital (a joint transfer project of TH Wildau and BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg), will clearly explain how AI affects our lives, what opportunities and risksand what role ethics and data protection play in the context of AI.

The event is free of charge.

The Spremberg office, Edih pro_digital and the Spremberg volunteer agency look forward to seeing you!

Streaming and Climate Change

Speaker of the evening:
Dr.-Ing. Christian Herglotz (EDIH pro_digital), FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Technology (EEI), Chair of Multimedia Communication and Signal Processing (LMS)

The following aspects will be discussed in the lecture:
• Hardware on provider, transmission network and user side
• Quality aspects of video streaming
• Energy efficiency in standardisation (Green MPEG, maturity model)
• Tips for sustainable streaming

Participation is free of charge!

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