ViNN:Lab Workshops June

The ViNN:Lab as makerspace is a prototyping- and creative lab of the TH Wildau. We love to help people create (almost) anything.


"Wire-pulling 3D printing: everything about filaments from ABS to TPU!" - Online Workshop
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of 3D printing filaments and get to know the different materials and their specific properties. The letter salad of ABS, PLA, PETG, hips, PVA, TPU and many more will be no secret to you after this workshop!

Arduino Workshop Part2 - Vinn:Lab Workshop
We will learn how to input using a potentiometer, how to measure light intensity and temperature, how to use an inclination sensor and how to control a servomotor. The prerequisite is basic knowledge of the Arduino IDE. Together, we will deepen Arduino knowledge and gain practical experience.

Workshop: June 19 - 16:30 - Online

Workshop: June 26 - 16:30 - Vinn:Lab

Where: House 16A, Room 2095 on the 2nd floor | TH Wildau | Hochschulring | Wildau

Contact: LINK