Cybersecurity - The Digital Safe

Cybersecurity is especially relevant for SMEs, start-ups and public organisations, as data theft can lead to financial losses, immense disruptions and reputational damage. 


In this webinar, we not only want to give you a basic overview of Internet security, opportunities and dangers, but also present concrete application examples and emergency plans.

With our partners from EDIH SH, MDZ Spreeland, EDIH DIBI, Daisec we will present you 90 interesting minutes!


09:50 - Enter | Technical start
10:00 - Welcome by Mr. Heintze/Presentation EDIHs
10:05 - Introduction Cybersecurity Mr. Prof. Langendörfer (EDIH pro_digital)
10:20 - Mr. Dr. Couronne – Emergency Prevention (EDIH DIBI | Bayern Innovativ)
10:35 - Mr. Gellersen – Physical Security (EDIH SH)
10:50 – Niklas Busch - AI: New Opportunities and New Dangers (Daisec) 

11:05 - It Safety in Industrial Facilities (MDZ Spreeland)
11:20 - Questions and wrap-up
11:30 - End

When: May 7, 2024 | 10-11:30 AM

Where: Online

Contact: carsten.heintze[at]b-tu.de