AR Workshop: More efficient thanks to AR-based assistance systems

Interactive assistance, 3D visualizations in planning processes or virtual learning environments in training


The basics of AR technology will be presented briefly and compactly in the online seminar. In addition to the different types, technological prerequisites and fields of application are shown.
The workshop provides a basic understanding of the possibilities and functioning of AR technology and helps to answer questions in dealing with AR-based assistance systems, possiblee to clarify concerns and find out whether adopting such solutions is an option for their own company.

The following aspects will be discussed during the online workshop: What is augmented reality and how does the technology differ from virtual reality? In which business areas can AR be used and

what are the benefits?
What challenges and problems can be solved with AR?
How extensive is the implementation of your own AR projects and what should absolutely be taken into account?


What is augmented reality
Development history of AR systems Application
examplefor AR assistance systems (selection)
• Product presentation
• Planningwork instructions, remote maintenance)
What is needed?
• Mobile, stationary and wearable hardware
How can you develop your own AR apps?
• What needs to be considered
• What tracking methods are there
• What software can be used to create

The workshop is aimed ath especially to those responsible in the management, production and plant management, as well as service and maintenance, who want to gain initial access to the technology. This explicitly addresses small and medium-sized companies from industry and crafts. It is possible to integrate industry-specific use cases for better comprehensibility.

The workshop can take place either online or in person (e.g. in our model factory in Cottbus) and usually takes about 45 to 60 minutes. Depending on the mode and location, it is then possible to try out mobile or stationary demonstrators when conducting the workshop in person.

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When: 30 April 2024, 10 a.m.

Where: Online, link will be announced

Contact: Jürgen Selka, juergen.selka[at]b-tu.de