AI in Industry - Application and Data Situation

Learn how Artificial Intelligence can change industry and processes. In this online talk, we will show practical applications of AI in industry and explain what kind of data is needed to implement AI efficiently.


The Industrial Revolution through Artificial Intelligence is in full swing! In this lecture, we will shed light on the special applications of AI in industry and show how it is used to optimize processes, predict maintenance requirements and for quality control. In particular, it will be discussed what basic requirements are made of the data to enable a successful implementation of AI. We explain what types of data are needed, how they should be processed, and the challenges involved. 

This lecture is aimed at professionals and interested parties who want to understand how they can use AI in their industrial operations, and its use cases.

When: July 11, 2024 | 10 -11 AM

Where: Online - Link will be sent

Contact: carsten.heintze[at]b-tu.de