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Success Story - Gas Grün GmbH

Gas Grün GmbH is a leading startup in the business of providing innovative decentralized biogas plants, with the accommodation of a complete energy production system from biomass in just a container. It is situated in the region of Brandenburg, Germany, well within the geographical location and outreach of our EDIH.


It encountered a triple digital challenge that prompted our rationale to offer our EDIH’s services to achieve its business goals:

Requirement of an advanced AI control system to optimize the efficiency of its biogas plants with customized automation and monitoring solutions

Need for 3D printing expertise to visually communicate its technological advances as well as for efficient prototyping for internal development.

Additionally, the need to increase its market visibility. A strategic marketing approach was essential to highlight their environmental impact and technological capabilities.

Using our extensive network, we matched Gas Grün GmbH with an experienced partner specializing in AI systems, equipped with a deep understanding of Gas Grüns unique requirements, opzimizing the efficiency of the biogas plant, but also laying the groundwork for automation and monitoring capabilities.

We identified and worked with an expert in 3D printing technology at our consortium partner BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, playing a key role in translating complex design specifications into real-life prototypes. These are not only useful for internal development, but also for high-impact displays for industry events.

Lastly, we connected them with marketing partners, who hold expertise in the sustainable energy sector, ensuring a customized approach to showcasing Gas Grüns environmental impact and technological capabilities. Since then, they have increased their visibility and reaching more potential costumers in line with its commitment to green innovation.

Gas grün GmbHs significant increase in efficiency and optimization of operational processes with the implementation of the AI control system, as well as the 3D printed prototype and marketing efforts all result in a better green, sustainable system and increased visibility of the product.

Solving the challenges for Gas Grün not only contributed to their specific operational improvements but also had broader social and economic implications in how digital transformation can positively impact the business goals of startups and SMEs.

We are further supporting Gas Grün GmbHs efforts with dissemination work through an ongoing digital maturity assessment (DMA), speaker panels, presentations and through our various media channels.

The success of this collaboration highlighted the importance of selecting partners with specialized expertise, the need for a balanced approach to integrating digital and traditional marketing approaches, the importance of transparent communication, and the value of maintaining flexibility in the face of evolving technological landscapes. These lessons can guide other organizations as they navigate similar collaborations, maximizing the benefits of strategic partnerships while continually adapting to industry changes and advances.

EDIH pro_digital is committed to the use of digital technologies to improve environmental sustainability and the inclusion of circularity in value chains and to facilitate the twin digital and green transformation. 

Contact: www.gas-grü

Person of contact at EDIH pro_digital: Carste.Heintze[at]